English information

Since 1707, the Gaaspermolen windmill (in those days called the Gemeenschapsmolen) has kept the Gemeenschapspolder dry. This polder was created shortly before, the result of eight smaller polders being merged. Initially, the drainage was done with a scoop wheel, but this was replaced after two centuries by a screw pump. After a diesel pumping station was built in 1926 next to the mill, the cap and wings were removed and the oak hull of the mill was adapted for housing by addin windows. In 2003 the Gaaspermolen was restored by the renowned firm Poland from Broek op Langedijk and put back into use as a working mill. An electric pumping station jumps in when the wind speed is too low to drive the screw pump. The beautiful location of the mill on a wide section of the river Gaasp makes it a great scenic viewpoint.

Open door days

Because the miller and his family are living in the mill, it is only accessible on open door days, e.g. the second weekend of may (Open Molen en gemalendag = open mills and waterpumping stations days) and the second weekend of september (Open Monumentendag = Heritage days)